Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The devil vs the buffoon

The devil vs the buffoon

Now that the election is over, sort of, here's my take. Both candidates were a terrible choice. With either one the following will happen:

Q. Baby slaughter will continue.
W. Murderers will go free.
E. The debt will grow with little control.
R. More people will become slaves to the government.
T. Taxes will rise.
Y. Illegal immigration continues.
U. Health costs sky rocket.
I. A few poor high tech start-ups get rich.
O. Single motherhood will rise.
P. The gay agenda will destroy more lives.

The devil would have operated more smoothly.
The buffoon will seem comical at times.

Oddly enough, the press may have been rooting for the buffoon.

Prove me wrong.


Monday, November 28, 2016

My first whole fig

My oldest daughter bought me a whole fig at the flee market. It only vaguely tasted like a fig newton. It was good, but different than expected. It was soft and a little chewy. Not as firm as the cookie.

You should probably try one. I might try another to see how it compares.

You may have noticed I'm not running back to buy a whole bag.